I am a volcanologist with an interdisciplinary research interest in volcanic risk. I am studying for a PhD, which focuses on the use of participatory monitoring of volcanic hazards for risk reduction. Within STREVA, I am involved in WP6 and WP2. I also made the STREVA website.  

Coming from a background of geology and quantitative risk assessment, I am now employing social science research methods, to explore the non-quantitative side of risk. My field areas are Ecuador and Montserrat, where I am exploring the roles of community based monitoring of volcanic hazards. In addition to this, I work closely with STREVA on public engagement activities, and I am one of the creators of Volcanoes Top Trumps. 

Along with my CASE partner, the British Geological Survey, I have been involved in developing a volcano citizen science mobile application called 'myVolcano'. 

My supervisors are Peter Simmons (UEA) and Jenni Barclay (UEA) along with two CASE supervisors Sue Loughlin (British Geological Survey) and Paul Cole (Montserrat Volcano Observatory). I am funded by the ESRC and my two CASE partners.

I can be found on Twitter or on my Blog. I am also one of the Directors of Volcano Top Trumps .