I am a volcanologist by training and have particular interests in petrology applied to understanding volcanic processes and the interactions between rainfall and volcanic activity (both primary activity and the generation of lahars). However, over the years, I have become really interested in how knowledge of volcanic processes and hazards can actually be applied to reduce volcanic risk. A lot of my research energy is now focussed on the effective integration of scientific knowledge into volcanic risk reduction.

There is a surprising amount of rhetoric about the need for integrated approaches in disaster risk reduction but rather less evidence for what works and how to do it. My involvement as Principal Investigator for the STREVA Project provides an exciting opportunity to address this. My main role is to help develop and test our integrating framework. This framework needs to ensure we work effectively together and gather world class evidence for how the differing dimensions of risk interact and impact communities at risk. We will use this evidence to develop real changes in how we monitor; forecast and communicate eruptive activity that best meets the needs of communities at risk.

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