I am a numerical modeller and geophysicist with a wide range of interests in natural and environmental hazards. My career so far has spanned both industrial and academic positions, which has provided me with experience in an extensive range of projects. These range from the design and implementation of site surveys to identify potential ground contaminants, to modelling the hazard posed by giant volcanic landslides and seismic activity. Currently I work on the modelling of processes within the volcanic conduit, with specific relevance to Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, one of the STREVA forensic settings.

My involvement with STREVA officially begins during the latter stages of the project in 2014 and centres on the numerical modelling and interpretation of precursory volcanic activity. By gaining a better understanding of these processes we hope to provide both improved advice and operational tools to volcanic observatories that will aid in their deterministic and probabilistic forecasting ability.