I am an interdisciplinary scientist, interested in the interface between volcanology and social sciences in order to find ways of understanding and reducing risks faced by societies that are exposed to volcanic hazards. My PhD has focussed on living with volcanic hazards in long-term eruptive contexts, working mainly on Montserrat, West Indies, exploring long-term recovery of essential services and society. The processes of adapting to the environment, reducing risks and building resilience are key elements of this work.

Within STREVA I will work within WP5 and will apply a newly developed systems thinking approach to understanding volcanic risk across social infrastructure systems. Forensic systems approaches allow for broad, context-based and dynamic understanding of impacts between infrastructure systems and society. Work undertaken for my PhD within the forensic setting of Montserrat will be further developed, and will provide a basis for exploring risk scenarios in trial volcano settings. I will join the STREVA project team in autumn 2013.