Over 70 attendees took part over 4 days. There was opportunity for discussion and for seeing some of the issues where they matter.

Our Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Victoria Sword-Daniels produced this initial report on our workshop but here are some summary photographs. 

The workshop kicked off with an excursion to the Leeward side of the island by boat. 

We could see how many of the good places to live are also low lying and so could have hazardous flows (e.g. floods); those nearer the volcano could have pyroclastic flows. Richie provided some useful commentary.

We were lucky enough to have some important attendees to share their wealth of experience and knowledge. 

(From left: Jenni Barclay, Sir Vincent Beache, Ronald Jackson, Howie Prince, Joan Latchman

(L-R Streva PI, Dr Jenni Barclay, Sir Vincent Beach from the St. Vincent Ministry of National Security; Mr Ronald Jackson, Executive Officer of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency; Dr Joan Latchmann, Seismic Research Centre, University of West Indies)

Just as importantly, though we wanted to hear about individual experiences during eruptions that some remembered about

Everyone had to work together to consider how they might react as a new eruption happened; scientists, community members and those on disaster committees.

and this discussion continued when we had a day in some of the communities that would be affected, including thinking about issues around communication and evacuation 

Prof. Willy Aspinall helped us think about how we might try to compare and bring together some of the important factors we had talked about.


and we should have some helpful results from this soon. 

Thank you to everyone who took part!