I am a geographer with an interest in disasters and climate change. My PhD focused on national strategies for reducing disaster risk,  drawing on case study experience from  Caribbean countries. I've continued this focus throughout the last decade, and recently served as a 'co-ordinating lead author' of the IPCC Special Report on Disasters and Extreme Events, in which I led the chapter on national-level systems for managing risk. My research interests include the governance dimensions of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation and the utility of international policy processes and financial flows to support resilience at national and sub-national levels. I've published widely on these issues, including those related to volcanic risk. 

Within STREVA, I am a PI, overseeing our research on capacities for risk management and what determines effective risk governance systems in the context of low-frequency, high-magnitude events. I will also take the lead on connecting STREVA findings to international policy processes, including the process to formulate a new Hyogo Framework of Action for Disaster Reduction.