I am a volcanologist with broad interests in volcanoes as natural hazards but also in their role in shaping and modulating the environment of our planet today and through geological time.

Within STREVA I will mainly be working within work package 1 assessing hazard through forecasting. Volcanoes show many geophysical precursors in the lead up to volcanic eruptions, among them changes in seismicity, gas emissions and deformation. We plan to use a range of statistical techniques to tease out trends in datastreams such as seismicity and gas fluxes and to use satellite-based remote-sensing techniques to produce regional time-series of volcano deformation and degassing from space. I am also interested in applying lahar models to specific volcanic scenarios and will be liaising with work package 2 to explore this. On the social sciences side of the project, I have thought a little in the past about the importance of considering livelihoods when it comes to managing volcanic crises and I am excited to learn more through STREVA.