STREVA is collaborating closely with a number of project partners. These include colleagues from other UK institutions, universities and research programmes based elsewhere, national and local government agencies and research organisations working in our case study locations. Several of our partners have research programmes with complementary missions, encouraging co-production of knowledge across a broad science base. At our case study locations, we will collaborate with those responsible for monitoring, preparing for and responding to those threats and through them with the communities facing volcanic threats including disaster managers and policy makers.

Our experienced observatory partners are: SRC, MVO, IG-EPN, SGC.  These partners are responsible for monitoring, hazard assessment and communication at numerous  volcanoes in their country or region. In the Caribbean we are conducting our research with UWI DRRC.

Our partners are comprised of 83 scientists, monitoring 48 active systems, and STREVA researchers have a track record of 85 collaborative papers with them (before the start of this project).