I am an interdisciplinary scientist, interested in the interface between natural hazards and social sciences in order to find ways of understanding and reducing risks faced by societies. I am strongly committed to embedding applied and user-focussed research into policy and practice. I have taken a participatory approach to my PhD research in Montserrat, West Indies, in order to increase the impact of my work locally and I am keen to build my experience into this new Knowledge Exchange role. I am looking forward to working with the consortia to add value where opportunities arise for increasing project impact, and my particular focus for knowledge exchange is on increasing and evaluating project impact at a local level, working closely with the consortia social scientists to achieve this. I am also interested in knowledge sharing to develop best practice for interdisciplinary work across a wider community of researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Additionally by drawing insights from across the IRNH projects, I hope to embed research findings into policy for wider applicability, including findings applicable to multi-hazard environments. I very much look forward to working with the IRNH consortia to help to increase the impact of the research. I will begin my Knowledge Exchange role in October 2013, working with the IRNH projects for a period of 3 years.